My firm

I am the sole shareholder of Transformal GmbH. I did not chose this legal form to limit my liability. According to German law in these special circumstances I am liable personally anyway. Its statutory purpose is »applied research and development in information technology and programming«. By way of double entry accounting and public balancing my operations attain verified transpsarency. The legal form directly serves the company's high risk purpose. Its payment history is flawless. Since it was established in 2001, Transformal GmbH has never run up debts. My services are exclusively available via Transformal GmbH.


Transformal GmbH
Gitschiner Strasse 91
10969 Berlin

Telephone: +49-700-LANGMACK

General Manager: Olaf Langmack
Sales Tax ID: DE215792082
Legal form: ID-No. HRB79909 with the Local Court Charlottenburg


From the courtyard entry, please proceed to the second courtyard. Take the left flight of stairs and go up to the fourth upper level. The door to the left is the entrance to my office. The freight elevator can only be used with a special key. If you need it, please call once you have arrived.